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Maithry's Got Talent 2019: Guidelines


The following guidelines have been developed by the planning committee to ensure the success and fairness of the contest.

1. "Maithry GOT Talent" show is open to both individuals and groups of individuals. A person may only appear in one act.
2. There are no age restrictions. Age 5 and above are allowed to participate.
3. In order to participate, individuals have to register to perform. There will be maximum number of applications and those will be on a first come first served. Link to registration form available at
4. Each contestant will be allowed no more than five (5) minutes on stage. Ten percent of the contestant’s points will be deducted for each minute or part of a minute the contestant runs over five (5) minutes in length.
5. Acts using music will be allowed one song or tune, up to a maximum of five (5) minutes total –
6. In case of tie, contestant may have to perform one more act. So prepare at least 2 acts.
7. A panel of three (3) judges, selected by the Talent Show Committee, will judge contestants.
8. Talent will be judged on the following criteria:
a. Poise (confidence, cover mistakes well, etc.) 10 points
b. Physical Appearance (neatness, costuming) 10 points
c. Stage Presence (audience appeal, smile) 10 points
d. Overall impression (20 points)
e. Talent (music, ability, coordination, etc.) 50 points
Total Possible Points: 100 points
9. Prizes will be awarded for first place, second and third place for each age division whether it is an individual, duo or group act.

All questions regarding these guidelines should be addressed to

Please purchase your tickets at Please get them before the holidays distract us!

Thank you
Events team