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Frequent Asked Questions

I am putting together some FAQ for the folks while using pages, story etc for the maithrians. Please add to this as appropriate.

  1. What is a Blog and when do I use Blogs/Posts? A blog (or a web-log) is a Website where users post interesting news, informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and opinions on specific subjects, updated frequently and normally reflecting the views of the blog's author. All visitors to the blog site can post comments in response to the blog author's entry.
  2. What is a forum and when do I use it ? Forums can be used for asking some questions regarding anything which ranges from using this site to anything out of the blue :)
  3. Uploading pictures in your blog. Click on the post new blog entry link from the My blog link on the left sidebar. Then you get the screen with title, body ..etc. Below the body there is a link called "enable rich-text". click on that to get a WYSIWYG editor which makes it easy to type the contents. Also there is a editor button called "toggle fullscreen mode" on the third (bottom-most) row. That will give you a full screen to write up your blog. Now to upload a picture, use the link below called "File attachment" and upload from your local machine or if you have it on some other site ignore this step. After upload copy the link of the file. Use the "Insert/edit image" button of the editor to finally provide this url (which was copied) to insert the image. Then if the picture is too big you can resize it by dragging its corner (use the bottom right corner so that the resolution proportion is not changed). Then post it and you are all done. The max size of an individual picture is 3MB and you can upload upto 30 MB of files. If you want to uplaod more please reach out to the admins.
  4. Putting a youtube video onto the blog or page. This is very easy. Find the appropriate video on youtube. Towards the right there is a link called embed in the "About the video" section as shown in the picture. Copy the text (completely using ctrl-a or doubleclick) and paste this text into your blog and that's it. The youtube video should appear in the blog. Check it out after posting it.
  5. How to add a photo sideshow to your blog? Put you photos on picasa(or similar) web albums. On the left panel in case of picasa web you will see a link called "Embed Slideshow". Click on that which will give you a piece of code where it says to copy and paste to your web site ( like "<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash ..."). Copy and paste this into your blog (click Add Blog on maithry site to add a blog). MAke sure to do this on the blog with "disable rich text". Also change the dimensions in that pasted code to say width as 600 and height as 400 for better viewing within the maithry site. Submit it. That's it. It will show up on the maithry front page (as well as a link on the side panel). You can certainly go back and edit/delete anything you want in your blog so feel free to do it :)
  6. What are pages and when do I use a page ? If you feel like writing an essay/article on a topic which you want to keep building on use a page. If it is good and interests people then we can promote it to the Maithry site as a content link.
  7. What is a story and when to use it ? It is meant for few folks to co-autor a story. Since we don't see the immediate need here in Maithry (for now) we will deactivate it to reduce confusion. Needs admin privileges to reactivate.
  8. How do I add a page which shows up on the navigation menu on the left ? It is simple. Go to create content, select page, put all your content on it, scroll down to the Menu settings link and put the name of the link etc and submit it. That's it. Needs admin privileges to put it on the left sidebar.