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Come, Celebrate Kerala Piravi on November 3rd, 2007 2PM

പരിപാടികളോടെ കൊണ്ടാടിയ കേരളപ്പിറവിയില്‍ പങ്കെടുക്കാന്‍ കഴിഞ്ഞതില്‍ ചാരിതാര്‍ഥ്യമുണ്ട്. കുറച്ചു പടങ്ങള്‍ ഇവിടെ...

Upcoming event:


Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
2PM - 6 PM
Ortega Park, Sunnyvale CA , 94087 |

Dear friends, It is time to
celebrate Kerala Piravi, Maithry's Fall get together. We will assemble
at the pavilion in Ortega Park, Sunnyvale on November 3rd (Saturday),
from 2 PM to 6 PM to recite poems, play football, and frisbee, and do some
socializing. Please plan to attend, and when you come, bring snacks for
one family (4-5 people). We will provide juice, soda and water. If you
have a cool game idea, bring that too!

There will be an art competition and an essay competition. Prior
to coming to the function, have your children complete one
drawing/painting about Kerala. We will show all the art work at the
function.. We will also award all the participants certificates in
appreciation to their effort.

For the essay competition please have young Maithrians complete a one page
essay (longer, if they wish) on "Things I like about Kerala!" and bring it. We will have them
read it aloud to the group and we will also award them for their effort.

Questions? Send email to