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Some More Pictures Of Christmas New Year 08

Videos: Fusion Dance ; Bhajan by Keerthana

Hi Here are the videos of "Bhajan by Keerthana" and Fusion Dance "The Awakening" by Lekshmi Shaiju and group:

"The Awakening" by Lakshmi Shaiju & Group.

Bhajan by Keerthana

More Photos

Dance by Aavani, Diva, Nikita and Swetha!

Here is a thrilling performance by some of the youngest performers at the Maithry XNY08 Celebrations!!

Dance by Aavani, Diva, Nikita and Swetha!

Rohit Sudhir's dance at XNY08 celebrations

Maithry Christmas New Year Celebrations - a ton of fun!

That was a fantastic day of celebrations! I loved all the programs and the active participation of all the Maithry members in making this an unforgettable day. Thanks so much!

Here are some pictures from Maithry's Christmas New Yer celebrations!!

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