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Get Published! Inviting articles for Maithry Onam Souvenir 2013!

Deadline extended til May 15, 2013!
All Maithry members are encouraged to submit articles (poems, short stories, non-fiction, recipes, art works, etc.) to be published in the Maithry Onam 2013 Souvenir.

Maithry Onam'13 Souvenir Committee plans to release a wonderful souvenir at the Onam celebrations on August 31, 2013. The committee invites all Maithry members to let the creative juices flow and put together poems, short stories, art works, non-fiction articles, recipes etc. before the end of April. Our editorial team will have ample time, then to edit and have the all-color, best-looking souvenir ready by release date! Please send your articles to

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Videos of songs by Vishnu Sundar and Gokul & Anand @ Maithry New Year 2011

"Picha Vecha Naal..." by Vishnu Sundar

"Annaara kannaa Vaa..." by Gokul and Anand

Semi classical dance "Sasikala chaarthiya" @ Maithry New Year 2011

Semi classical dance performed by Krishnapriya Hari, Anjali Santhosh, Jhanvi Gireesh & Swetha Alachi at Maithry New Year 2011 Choreography - Reshmi Hari

"ശശികല ചാര്‍ത്തിയ ദീപാവലയം നം തനനം തനനം തനനം നം നം
നിശയുടെ കാര്‍ത്തിക വര്‍ണ്ണാഭരണം നം തനനം തനം തനനം നം നം
കള നൂപുര ശിഞ്ജിത രഞ്ജിത മേളം തനനനന തനനം
തൊഴു കൈത്തിരി നെയ്ത്തിരി വിടരും യാമം തനന നന തനനം
വരമരുളും പൊരുളുമുയിരുമുണരും ദേവീ തനനം തനനം നം നം നം നം"



Song "Karuppinazhaku" by Adithi & Gayathri (Maithry New Year 2011)

Song "Karuppinazhaku" by Adithi & Gayathri (Maithry New Year 2011)


New Year 2011: Bollywood Mix + Cowboys and girls!

Here is a very cute and energetic dance from the little Maithry dancers!


More pictures here



Maithry New Year 2011: Skit: CID-s Again!

At Maithry's New Year 2011 program on January 8, 2011 a comedy skit was presented by our very talented artists. Here are some pictures and videos of the skit.

CIDs Dasan and Vijayan return to USA! 

Video of CIDs in America, വീണ്ടും! Part 1 

Video of CIDs in America, വീണ്ടും! Part 2 

Pictures of the skit scenes can be found at this link
Maithry 2011 New Year: Skit: CID-s Again!
More pictures and videos are available at Maithry's Facebook page. Make sure to be a fan of that page continue to get updates in the future.
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