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New Year 2011: Bollywood Mix + Cowboys and girls!

Here is a very cute and energetic dance from the little Maithry dancers!


More pictures here



Bhangra Mix Dance at Maithry New Year 2011 Celebrations

"Kizhakku Pookkum..." Oppana at Maithry New Year 2011

"Kizhakku Pookkum..." Oppana at Maithry New Year 2011
Thanks Mr. Korappan for recording and sharing this HD video :)


Maithry New Year 2011: Skit: CID-s Again!

At Maithry's New Year 2011 program on January 8, 2011 a comedy skit was presented by our very talented artists. Here are some pictures and videos of the skit.

CIDs Dasan and Vijayan return to USA! 

Video of CIDs in America, വീണ്ടും! Part 1 

Video of CIDs in America, വീണ്ടും! Part 2 

Pictures of the skit scenes can be found at this link
Maithry 2011 New Year: Skit: CID-s Again!
More pictures and videos are available at Maithry's Facebook page. Make sure to be a fan of that page continue to get updates in the future.

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Demolished tower falls in the wrong direction, cuts power to 4000 homes

Stuff blowing up. Always exciting, right? You know, a dilapidated building that needs demolishing, that kind of thing. All fun, except when the tower you're blowing up... falls in the wrong direction.

You know, a landing-on-live-power-lines-and-damaging-an-electrical-outhouse kind of direction. Cutting off power to 4000 homes. And did we mention they had kids nearby watching the event? Well, that too.

As you'll see from the footage below, the 83 foot 'Mad River Power Plant tower' in Springfield, Ohio topples into live pylons, sparks jolting out as the crowd scream and run for their lives.

"It just started leaning the other way and I thought, 'Holy cow' - It was terrifying for a little bit," fireman John Roeder said. But why did it happen? It seems there was an undetected crack in the side of the tower, which forced it the wrong way. As for the town's blackout, that knocked out traffic lights and even caused a road accident.

Still, with that crack in it in the first place, it's probably a good idea that the got rid of the blasted thing. Check out the shocking clip below...

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